Why an MBill?

An MBill delivers value to all participants in the purchase and delivery of new dwellings, enhancing the potential for widespread take-up.


Funding the purchase of off the plan property is usually complex, uncertain, time-consuming and costly, and typically requires multiple finance applications. Addressing these shortcomings an MBill provides the purchaser with:

  • A no deposit, single step finance solution at the earliest point in the transaction;
  • Funding security;
  • Removal of delivery risk; and
  • A simpler and cheaper result.


An MBill delivers significant benefits to developers by:

  • Driving the presales process by simplifying and securing purchaser finance;
  • Removing settlement risk; and
  • Enhancing the developer's ability to source funding by assigning MBill Guarantees to their bank.


Banks will benefit from the MBill Product by:

  • Increased level of presales;
  • Removal of the delivery and settlement risk;
  • Funding of the new property at settlement;
  • Bank approved MBill presales enhance existing presale audit requirements; and
  • Direct payment from MBill Issuer to MBill Holders at settlement.

The introduction of an MBill will lead to increased developer presales, with a more secure lending outcome for development funding backed by MBill Guarantees.

For further information regarding the MBill process and potential benefits, please contact us to arrange a detailed presentation.

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